Great software for math drills--good-bye flash cards!!! Thanks!!!

—A Satisfied Customer

Needed review drill work for multiplication and speedier adding/subtracting. Like the software as a drill addition to our curriculum. It is so much more fun than a lot of workbooks! My children enjoy the "reward" that I type in at the end that they earn if they get 100% on their work. It is nice because it has a timing feature that I can put in. I can adjust how fast I want them to answer the questions (usually I base it on how well they type.) I can also put in any "reward" that they can work towards. I sometimes add extra time onto their computer game time, or allow them some other freebie that they want to earn. The computer program seems to "remember" which facts they are consistently getting wrong, and asks them that fact more frequently so that they get more practice on it. I highly recommend this software for drill work.

—Barb, HomeSchoolMath.net

MATH FACTS is great. No games just pure learning. Thank You. A++++++++++++++++

—A Satisfied Customer

This software program is a great alternative to flash cards. It is not designed to entertain children, doesn't offer goofy cartoon characters, or games to play, rather it relies on solid time-tested principles for the development, retention, and recall of basic math facts.

We are a family who relies on flash cards to learn math facts. Thus, I was skeptical of Math Facts NOW! I was also skeptical of this program because it requires a child to type in not only the answer, but the problem for which an incorrect answer was given. I thought, "no way will this work, especially with my six year old."

Well, was I wrong! My Six-year-old frequently asks during the week if she can work with Math Facts NOW! She loves it and I seem to be the only one bothered by having to type in a problem and answer. Good thing it wasn't written for me. Also, one of my sons, my ten year old, who is definitely not a "math guy," nor a typist, also loves this program.

I have to confess that Math Facts NOW! is one of the most sought after software programs in our home. I also have to confess that we have never had someone whine over not getting their fair share of time using any other "educational" software program we own, except for Math Facts NOW! Thus, I guess if you're looking for a software program that teaches basic math facts, is enjoyed by children, causes whining on occasion when not available to the whining child seeking to increase his or her knowledge of math, and is always missing when a parent wants to review the product for a magazine because some child in the house is using it, then Math Facts NOW! is for you. I highly recommend it.

—Product Review by: Heather W. Allen, Senior Analyst, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Ok, I knew as soon as I opened the package and saw the words "No Clowns, Trolls, or Space Aliens... Just a math program that works," I would looooooooove it ! I do! Tom at Math Facts NOW (a homeschool dad, himself) has designed a great program - toss the flashcards, folks! This is a very simple program. It focuses on speed and retention of the foundation of math - the basics in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Parents can program the type of problems being worked on, the time frame the child has to work within, the number range of the problems being worked on, even program in a reward if you want. The program identifies weak areas, and it automatically gives increased drills in those ?dentified weak areas. It is fun to ?play? - it challenges (without all the garbage that tends to be in CD-ROMs). It is straightforward, simple, and effective. THANK YOU TOM! This is exactly what I've been looking for - my search is over. Two thumbs UP for Math Facts NOW! Try it for yourself -"Guaranteed effective or your money back." Now how many companies offer that ?!

—Product Review by: Lisa Barthuly, Product Reviewer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

Thanks Very pleased with Math Facts NOW! Exactly what I've been looking for!

—A Satisfied Customer

Thanks! can't get any faster service Great program, fast e mail response......thanks so much!!!!!!!

—A Satisfied Customer

Program better than I ever thought it would be. Many thanks to you.

—A Satisfied Customer

We love Math Facts NOW! Thanks Tom!

—A Satisfied Customer

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